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G&B Fishing Products has successfully been bringing brands to market since their inception in 2002.  It was in this year that we signed up with a relatively unknown reel company. Avet Reels had a strong brand presence on the West Coast, yet the East Coast was not familiar with the brand.  As a matter of fact, hardly anyone had knowledge of G&B, so we began to work the streets with a strategic marketing campaign that quickly penetrated the East Coast market and helped make Avet and G&B a name of quality.

With the Avet success, other West Coast brands started looking for more visibility on the East Coast. G&B became the company to go to if you were looking for more market share on the East Coast. Now, successful brands like Seeker Rods and KIR apparel share in our successes, and are gaining more market share from the relationships that were forged at this time. Looking to extend our portfolio, we teamed up with Stingofish in 2009. Stingofish came to us with a strong product line but with no brand presence, and was looking for a partner to bring them to life in the fishing industry. We started off slow, building the brand’s awareness with targeted marketing strategies. Placing the product in a few key retail shops, Stingofish started to grow, and their products are gaining more and more recognition.

What we do

It is not by luck we are able to do what we do. It is through understanding fishing, tactical strategies, and strong industry partnerships, that are we able to have our successes. Companies that come to us understand that there may be bigger avenues they can use to blast their products into market, but it could be at the cost of their brands reputation. Companies that come to us know that we will  find the perfect niche for their product because we spot the opportunities others are missing. Companies that come to us know that strategy teamed up with a quality product will lead to strong brand loyalty with the most avid fishermen. We are one of only a few full-time fishing representatives here on the East Coast. Why trust your brand to a part-time salesman? Why trust your company to someone who has little to lose? This is what we do and we think about it 24/7. If we fail you, we fail our families: What better incentive is there for us to succeed?

Who We Are

We are the people who get the job done. Yes, we can say we are accomplished tournament fishermen, and we can say that we are passionate about fishing. But it takes more than that to make it these days. In a time when shops are going out of business daily, and everyone has a product to sell, things in the industry are clouding up. People are afraid of new brands, and some have stopped trusting their old brands. Love us or hate us, we have a reputation of quality in the industry. Having your brand backed by G&B means you’re more likely to succeed: Shops know this and so should you.

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